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Co-ordinating Committee

Memorandum of Understanding for Co-ordinating Committee of the Workplace Safety and Insurance System

Issues Resolution Working Group


The WSIS strategic plan (2004 - 2008) under strategic goal #2 (To Improve Service Delivery) includes improving service delivery in the area of Issue Resolution. One of the proposed initiatives consisted of identifying and implementing methods of resolving claims-related issues earlier and less formally by means of a joint working group comprised of partner agencies. The Issue Resolution Committee will be mandated to implement this initiative.

Designated representatives of the WCAT, WAP, WCB Internal Appeals, and WCB Client Service Division (the “working group”) will participate in the development and implementation of issues resolution initiatives which will support improved communication, information sharing, and overall efficiency of the workers’ compensation system. This working group will provide recommendations to the Coordinating Committee emphasizing a collaborative and integrated approach to appeal management, and/or improved case management, that is consistent with the WSIS Systems Strategic Plan. The recommendations will generally work within existing resources at the WCAT, WAP, or WCB, including reallocation if appropriate. In all instances, a business case would be established and, if potential legislative reform is involved, appropriate public policy guidance will be obtained. 

All recommendations will be consistent with the working group’s primary objectives which include:

  • a primary goal of ensuring that stakeholders receive the best decision at the earliest possible moment, and to encourage early and safe return to work.
  • to ensure the appeal participants receive a high quality and fair decision
  • to provide timely turnaround on Workers’ Compensation appeal decisions;
  • to provide and efficient and effective appeal resolution process minimizing administrative burden and eliminating redundancy;
  • to provide a “user-friendly” appeal resolution process;
  • to provide high quality, consistent and understandable appeal decisions;
  • to learn from the appeal process in an effort to improve the quality of decisions at all levels;
  • to support the delivery to our “customers”.

Performance Measures

Committee Goal:

To inquire into, and make recommendations to the WSIS Coordinating Committee (comprised of the administrative heads of the WSIS partner agencies) with respect to, Performance Measures for the Workplace Safety and Insurance System.

Specific Objectives:

To provide advice on the following:

  1. The performance-measurement ‘framework’ to be used by the system;
  2. The appropriateness of the performance measures currently used by the system agencies that may be of relevance to system performance;
  3. Technical issues in regards to the System Performance Measures (SPMs) (i.e. frequency of data collection, scales used, etc.);
  4. Adapting performance measures currently used by the system agencies to become SPMs and the possible creation of new SPMs; and
  5. Communication of the SPMs to key stakeholders and the general public.


The Committee will review background information in this area including relevant academic articles on areas such as performance reporting, performance measurement, and outcome measurement; statistical information; research and background information on any proposed SPM; and information on similar issues in other organizations and jurisdictions.


Chair of the Advisory Committee to report to the Coordinating Committee on a regular basis. The Coordinating Committee updates the Chair of the WCB.

Recommendation Making:

Recommendations will be made by consensus whenever possible. A quorum will be defined as being at least one labour or injured worker representative, one employer representative and one other representative. In the event of a non consensus issue, information on the differing perspectives will be forwarded for consideration.


Members will be appointed by the Chair of the WCB Board of Directors


The role of secretary will be fulfilled by the ex officio members, who will assist the Committee by: preparing minutes of meetings; conducting research and follow-up as directed by the Committee; etc.


May be held at any time and place to be determined by the Advisory Committee Chair, provided that at least seven days notice of such meeting is sent to each Committee member. Meetings of the Committee shall be held as often as required but shall occur no less than four (4) times per year.


Committee members shall receive no honorarium or stipend, but shall be reimbursed for expenses in keeping with provincial guidelines.


The Committee may be privy to written and/or oral information that is of a confidential nature. All documents designated confidential shall be kept confidential and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy requirements.

Working together to build a safety culture